doing well with new member sign-ups

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    Swiftel appears to be doing very well with its ADSL members....announcing today that they have reached the 5000 member milestone. They said they are well on target to reach there projected 7000 by December. Based on recent figures they should exceed this projection. ADSL is a fast growing sector. I spoke to a friend of mine who has a dial up internet company. He said ADSL is a licence to print money if you have the members, which swiftel are certaintly getting.

    Swiftel will begin selling in other states (melb or brisbane from memory) in october, which should see sales increase even more.

    For a company who have been around for a while, will have their maiden profit this year, are rapidly expanding, have just appointed two new very reputable and experienced directors I think SWT could do very well in the next 12 months. I've bought a few.

    My thoughts your own research.


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