PNA 0.00% $1.84 panaust limited

doesn't get any better than this

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    I'm referring to buy/sell spread on PNA. BTW guys this is the first stock I've gone long on since resources crashed in June 08 taking my beloved FMS done a few pegs with it.

    Fundamentals and technicals are all aligned positively on this one IMO. Commodities seems to have formed a base (look at copper), gold is going to take flight well over $1000 IMO thanks to Helicopter Ben's printing trillions and making USA dollar toilet paper, and best of all PNA is run by a team as my uncle (who introduced me to this stock) says that are OLDER than baby boomers and therefore have management skills and experience most companies could only dream of. Hence why they are fast becoming a cash cow when many companies at the moment are just more like cows.

    Here's current buy/sell spread:

    601 buyers - 38,955,728 units VS 150 sellers - 7,701,392 units

    If a spread like that's not bullish I'm not sure what possibly could be. ;-)

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