does monckton have a point>

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    Now that the furore over monckton's speech has died down, I wonder if anyone has the answer to a couple of his points.

    1.He asked the question that based on observed data not modelling, the scientific projections on the rate of warming were exaggerated by at least a fivefold factor.
    Now,given that the average global temperature has gone up by approx 0.8c in the last 150 years [as has been widely reported], and given the fact that there has been minimal change in the period 200-2011[as everyone agrees on], how can anyone predict with any certainty that temperatures may rise by up to 4c by 2100 ?

    2.He queried whether the cost of adaptation to this very gradually changing climate would be far less than the costly mitigation measures ....which may or not work against something that may or not be occurring.

    Has this ever been modelled and if so, is the data available and where can we access it, and if not, why not?

    3.Given that all, and i repeat, all, models predict the presence of an equatorial tropospheric "hot spot", and given that no evidence of such has ever been found, how can we have confidence on the models, and as such the whole theory?

    now, I know he is a swivel eyed toff who would otherwise have never been famous or infamous, but in the spirit of science the I would love to have decent answers to the above three questions, sadly these are never asked by any journos and never answered by anyone on either side of the debate.

    Answers please!
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