does anybody chart thisone, page-2

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    are you being provocative..????

    time to top up abit more
    Posted 30/12/04 1:58:49 PM - 49 reads
    Posted by WEALTHYONE
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    I love PHY it shoots up on the smallest rumour so I sell, make a few thousand here a few thousand there and then the punters who are just following the crowd start selling when it doesn't go any higher so I buy in again. This company will be $5.50 by end FEB.

    Why would you need a chart.. Doing so well..

    what do your fundamentals tell you..

    anyway use the lookup and read my earlier charts

    the volatility sell off was low yesterday , it did break my stoploss unconvincingly on close and recovery today is on low vols.. Time to be cautious short term imo..

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