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    Well, A lot of people have taken notice about the rising and rising of MAK's share price because of its phosphate rock deposit. So you have two choices, buying MAK, or find alternatives.

    The problem there is very limited alternatives on ASX. MAK is the one of that kind. But I am 100% sure, copycats are making!

    Well, this is not exactly true back in three months.

    SMM has a decent deposits, and sold it to a private company for peanut, and

    To the less extend, GCR farm out 80% of its 500mt P2O5 at around 15% grade to Legend International (not LEG), return another 20% until mining.

    And today, MLX try to jump the rank, ann purchasing some deposits with 2% P2O5. Admit I don't understand it, but at least it is a different kind of mineral, cannot compare with MAK, GCR apple to apple.

    Did I miss something? Of course, for all ARU lovers, ARU plans to produce phosphoric Acid as by product, 150kt of them, not phosphate rock.

    Well, this is actually a bonus to ARU because Phosphoric Acid is worth a lot more than the rock.

    With skyrocketing phosphoric acid price, it could be well end up equally important as the rare earth.

    It is a complicated stock to understand, and always linked to uranium boom. But as the uranium price falling, the portion of uranium revenue is falling too, might well be in less than 5%. I guess eventually, ARU will drop uranium out of its products mix.

    But I am willing to take some risk, so I bought back some ARU just in case....
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