do you stutter in the night?

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    And then there was the man who went to the doctor because he stuttered in the night.
    Doctor: Let's check you then. Take your clothes off.
    Man obeys doctor.
    Doctor: (shocked) Myyyyyy! Look at it! No wonder, my good man. Your penis is so long, so thick, so heavy... why look at it...
    Man: Yeah I know my girlfriend calls it a peninsular!
    Doc: well that's exactly why you stutter. It hangs so heavy down there that it pulls all your nerves from the top of your body down to itself. Your vocal cords included!
    Man: Really? What can I do?
    Doc: Well, actually the only thing we can do is a transplant.

    A couple of weeks later, after the transplant, the man appears at the doctor's surgery being very happy but with only one little problem.
    Man: Doctor the penis you gave me is a tad too small, can we...
    Doc (interrupts violently) Dddddddoon't tttttttttellll ME yyooooour pppprobbbblems!
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