do we have the right to determine who settles here?

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    Well do we?

    Do we, the People, through our elected representatives, have the right to determine the makeup/ratio/numbers of not only how much, but who, and from where, is allowed to come here to;

    live here?

    I say yes.

    I also say, there should be a moratorium on any further immigration of anyone of the muslim faith, from any country, until things stabilise around the world.

    I believe our government hasn't put US first in the past, and this must change. I don't want any more immigration from any country, of any more people of the muslim faith. Sorry, NONE.

    The risk to our nation from the threat of terrorism is far too great to allow any more, imo.

    That's my opinion,I'm not ashamed to say it.

    What say you?
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