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orc-dalai lama says? - moneyprophet MoneyProphet - on the TYC...

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    orc-dalai lama says? - moneyprophet MoneyProphet - on the TYC posting yesterday you commented:
    "No real problem anymore since the Dalai Lama came out two months ago and cleared investment in Tibet as progressive and said for the first time that Tibet is part of China and Chinese investment etc is now welcome. The "Chinese" mining company you refer to is owned and run by locals so ethics are no longer an issue except outside Tibet maybe."

    Can you point to a URL that features the Dalai Lama saying this? I visited his residence in Nth India last year and these statements would run contrary to everything I saw there with respect to his opinions on the China/Tibet issue...
    I would be very interested to know of your source for this information. Cheers.
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