Do the coalition have any policies-anything?

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    The first week of the election campaign is about Morrisons muppets pointing fingers at the many Labor policies.

    When are we going to hear about the coalition policies? Surely they cant expect to be elected on a platform of nothingness.

    They are now even opposing Labor for wanting to introduce an emissions and energy policy similar to that designed
    by the coalition but derailed by a couple of conservative coal loving muppets. So they are going to the election as a policy free zone! Vote for me and I’ll look after you is their mantra. You trust me don't you?

    Never encountered such a self serving inept and treacherous bunch as this lot that stupidly outed their one big asset in Malcolm Turnbull. Now Julie Bishop-gone, Kelly O’dwyer-gone, Christopher Pyne-gone, Michael Keenan-gone, Steve Ciobo-gone. Whats left? A motley bunch of disloyal muddling muppets.
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