do people post so much on israel here?

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    Why do u people always post stuff on israel here?

    There a dozens of other conflicts around the world from CHECHNYA to SRI LANKA (tamil tigers) to KASHMIR, to SUDAN, to the ZIMBABWE, yet when there are any posts about world conflicts 90% are about israel, why is that?

    I know what im gonna get back, some idiot is gonna say because israel is the worst offender or some shi* like that,lol, the trouble between israel/'palestinians' is nothing, compared to other world conflict zones there dozens of many more people have been killed, yet HC concentrates on israel so much, whats the real reason?

    Is it that its the only confict that directly involves jews?
    and so many people dont like it when jews defend themselves? is that it?
    or do u people who have been brainwashed by anti semitism and think the jews have got some super power, and yet they cant bring peace to their own country how could that be?
    is that why HC concentrates on israel so much?

    whats the real answer, please tell me.
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