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    New Chairmans Letter to Shareholders

    Announced on: 23/05/2002 09:11:07
    Part: A
    Words: 812
    Status: Not market sensitive (N)
    Industry Sub Group: Miscellaneous Services (222)



    HOMEX - Perth

    Having recently been appointed Chairman of Dolomatrix, I thought it
    appropriate to introduce myself and bring you an update on some of
    the many developments in the company.

    I was delighted at the prospect of becoming Chairman of Dolomatrix
    because it represents a logical progression to the work I have been
    doing for the past 13 years with Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the

    It was during the BOC Challenge in 1988 that I began to notice the
    state of the world's oceans and decided to so something about the
    problem of pollution. After 32 years as a businessman in the building
    and property development industries, I founded Clean Up Australia in
    1989, and since that time it has grown to be one of the most
    respected community environment organisations that organises the
    largest community-based participation event in the country.

    The success of Clean Up Australia enabled me to take the clean up
    concept globally, and in partnership with the United Nations
    Environment Programme, Clean Up the World was launched in 1993. Clean
    Up the World is an international campaign and event that like Clean
    Up Australia Day, aims at empowering communities everywhere to look
    after their local environment. Today Clean Up the World engages over
    40 million volunteers each year in more than 125 countries.

    The evolution from establishing the Clean Up projects, cleaning up
    solid waste in Australia and around the world, to working with
    Dolomatrix to clean up hazardous waste is a logical and a very
    important one for me. It goes hand in hand with the need to value our
    waste as a resource.

    For some time I have followed the developments of Dolomatrix in my
    capacity as Chairman of the Cooperative Research Centre for Waste
    Management and Pollution Control and see the company's future as very
    exciting and one that I'm very pleased to be part of.

    I see it as exciting because the company owns world-class technology
    that is proving to be very attractive commercially.

    The Dolocrete technology is without peer in its treatment of many
    forms of hazardous and toxic wastes that pose major threats to the
    world today, and our role is to use our patented technology to
    maximise the commercial potential of this vast and growing market.

    If you want to understand more I urge you to go to our website at where there is a thorough description of the

    Central to the success of the technology is a material called
    Dolocrete TM . Dolocrete TM is produced by Dolomatrix to our patented
    formula, which when mixed with toxic waste causes a series of
    reactions to occur that act to trap the waste from leaching out and
    thereby transforming hazardous waste to inert, safe materials that in
    many cases resembles a quasi-mineral.

    You can now see why I see our future as exciting!

    Although relatively small at present, I see the potential for
    Dolomatrix to become a leader in a sizeable world market. Whilst
    making a difference to the environment is a real and positive outcome
    of our business, we are committed to the primary goal of creating
    shareholder value.

    Our focus remains on winning commercial contracts and expanding our
    alliances with leaders in the waste management industry. We believe
    this to be the way to expand our business aggressively but within a
    manageable risk profile.

    To this end we are working to specific goals and we expect these will
    result in the following achievements in the near term:

    * Further long term revenue generating contracts concluded

    * Commencement of revenue generating contracts, albeit modest, in the
    Philippines following the recent receipt of our Environmental
    Clearance Certificate allowing the company to operate

    * Completion of the commercial trials in Singapore following approval
    to use Dolocrete in those trials recently

    * Further strategic alliances with industry leaders

    * Delivery of the company's first state of the art mobile treatment

    * Commencement of revenue generation from the $3.5million contract
    with Aurion Gold Ltd. The initial phase of this contract will
    generate more than $1million in revenue in the coming September

    Achievement of these goals will ensure that we continue to grow the
    company and create shareholder wealth.

    As shareholders in Dolomatrix, and there have been more than 1,000
    new shareholders since listing last July, we are positioned to
    benefit from both the achievement of these goals, as well as the move
    towards socially responsible investment, that is, making a profit and
    also making a positive difference.

    I look forward to being Chairman of your company as we deliver this.

    Enc. Ian Kiernan Biography

    A copy of the full announcement, including a Biography of Ian Kiernan
    AO, is available in PDF format on Alternatively it is
    available for purchase from ASX Customer Service on 1 300 300

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