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    Dolomatrix International Limited
    ACN: 009 140 550
    Dolomatrix awarded contract to treat Coke Oven Gas residue.
    Sydney, Thursday, 3rd July 2003.
    The Directors of Dolomatrix are pleased to announce the awarding by BHP
    Steel (AIS) Pty Ltd of a 2-year contract for the treatment of Coke Oven Gas
    (COG) residue from their Port Kembla facility.
    The contract requires Dolomatrix to collect, treat and dispose of the COG
    residue in accordance with the agreement and within the NSW EPA regulatory
    guidelines as governed by the Protection of The Environment Operations Act
    Subsequent to the current contract, BHP Steel (AIS) Pty Ltd have requested
    Dolomatrix undertake treatment evaluations on 3 further waste streams
    generated at their facility totalling 10,000 tonnes per annum.
    For further information please contact Jon Doumbos, Managing Director on 02 8920 9755

    Is this the result of the Bob Hawke networks?

    Interesting times ahead.

    With numerous deals in the "works" and the communities firm committment to environmental management- DMX looks like good buying at these levels.

    Have a look at past announcement's for other upcoming deals.
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