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DML Time to Buy?

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    There has been an argument that if the Castlepines financing goes through then DML is worth 30 cents. Voncee seems to think my analysis of the MOU yesterday moved the SP from 5.7 to 3.3 - I disagree. I don't think the discussion here can affect the market so I'll say this. At 3.3c it probably swang too far in the other direction considering:

    Warnie made possibly the best statement yesterday when he said he understood the MOU is not binding but gave shareholders hope of a deal.

    Castlepines is a big and well respected investor in just these types of operations so maybe there is a serious deal in the works who knows. They are certainly considering it.

    And if you think the deal will go through buying in the 3s will mean a near 10 bagger so now would be the time to buy.
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