dlux nails another prediction

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    & opens a Toohey's old to celebrate. here's hoping tomorrows lotto predictions are also on the money.

    System 9 Nos. 1,8,11,12,17,23,31,39,40.

    to make up the $50

    A system 8 Nos. 12,17,23,24,30,33,39,41.

    Good investing to all hotcopperites from here to eternity be it the stock mkt, 2 flies on the wall or the preverbial crossing the road. Make it count!!

    Subject re: china dumps us$ for oil & gold
    Posted 20/10/04 23:56 - 91 reads
    Posted by dlux

    ps. be aware that Grant has the A$ at 63/64 around xmas on his projections, however 76/77 is more likely IMO.

    Got Gold yet?

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