dlux, evolution is impossible''''

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    I posted on "map of the creator" which will appear with a google search on about 4 sites.
    It shows that man was around doing things that we still cant do at 120 million years ago'.
    They say that evolution started when the dinosars got the meteor 65 million years ago,so that proves their 'theory incorrect.
    I mentioned heart attacks which indicates this planet is set for more terrorism and quakes and tsunami's than ever,and they will be big ones. Armageddon doesnt sneak up on anyone without much warning. God is fair,He loves us all but he can take just so much of our disobedience before he acts.Are you aware of Germany rising up again and controlling Europe,their rapid retaliation forces will be ready in 2007,the yanks want this to happen,but in the end its going to end up you in a disaster ,as they started ww1,ww2,and they will start ww3,they will clash with islam. Thats all for now,just a matter of watching the horrors,as for fixing terrorism or making life better,for the present thats impossible,the Germans will fix terrorism but in doing so,create ww3 as the Russians wont like the way they do it. Everything I have said is located in the bible.I think I got this on the general site,or it better be. regards,and I see you have some patience,thats a great attribute.
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