DKN 0.00% 79.5¢ dkn financial group limited

dkn quo vadis !

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    following is msg to post after author unable to reach dlux by email

    begins.....sorry to intrude , but no use asking on hotcopper these days , no one seems to be bothered to answer queries !

    are you still in dkn? i am and not too happy with price fall .

    is this just a lull as traders switch funds to other things pending approach of next results , which should be an improvement on last time , or is all the hype we saw after the restructureing just hot air ! ! ?

    i nearly sold at 25c , but was greedy and wanted 28c , silly arse ! ! . in at 19c inc costs , also worried about being able to sell quickly , seems shares are not too liquid !

    regards........... ends
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