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    todays announcements for the discerning investor of tomorrow.

    I can see the paper headlines as I type "DKN get the money & now watch this baby go." With all the strife in world markets Deakin financial advisors will be in demand by those desperate to find a safe haven as money is no longer safe under the bed. The silverfish even got my mint condition $1 note.

    Could see DKN head towards 30c now that the price has been kept around the 21c & the options have to be exercised or the underwriter 'pays up'.

    Chairman`s Address to Shareholders


    HOMEX - Melbourne

    Mr Rob Hunwick, Executive Chairman, Deakin Financial Services Group
    Limited delivered the following address to the Company's General
    Meeting earlier today.

    "This is a very important moment for Deakin. If approved, these
    resolutions will mean that Deakin has raised approximately $6.1
    million after costs in the last 3 months. In turn this makes Deakin
    financially strong and enables it to embark on its expansion plans.

    A quick summary of what has been achieved since 1 January includes:

    * 111 financial advisers signed under our new Proper Authority and
    Insurance Broker agreements. These agreements involve fairer and more
    appropriate remuneration arrangements for advisers. Deakin believes
    it offers the most cost-effective deal for independent financial
    advisers in the marketplace.

    * Professional Indemnity insurance successfully negotiated in a
    difficult market.

    * Our management team has been substantially enhanced by the
    recruitment of Graeme Hyland, National Sales and Marketing Manager,
    and Dan Parry, General Manager of Adviser Services. These two
    executives have vast experience and it is testimony to out emerging
    status and the opportunities that Deakin can offer that they have
    joined Deakin when their skills are widely sought after.

    * Formed a project team to develop our new Master Fund product. An
    announcement as to the direction we will follow in this regard is
    expected by end July. We expect it to involve the latest technology
    with flow-on savings and efficiency.

    * Recruitment of our first advisers in Queensland. We expect to
    follow this up with substantial numbers of recruits in both
    Queensland and NSW in coming months. With changes in legislation and
    problems for many acquiring professional indemnity insurance, there
    are many advisers now seeking a network like Deakin to join.
    Consequently, we have set our target at 200 advisers by June 30,

    With this meeting behind us, I believe Deakin is well placed to
    develop into a significant distributor of financial services. It has
    the executive talents, the opportunity and now the capital; these are
    the key ingredients to success in this market."

    M Simari

    HOMEX - Melbourne

    In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.13.2, Deakin Financial Services
    Group Limited advises that each of the resolutions put to the General
    Meeting of the Company held on 21 June 2001 were passed. The
    necessary majority passed each of the resolutions put to the General
    Meeting on a show of hands.

    Proxy votes held in relation to each resolution were as follows:


    1 Approval of Issues of 10,726,884 62,330 Nil 2,086,620
    Shares and Options

    2 Approval pf Issue of 10,726,884 62,330 Nil 2,086,620
    Shares and Options to
    Falkiners Stockbroking

    3 Approval of Issue of 9,578,684 64,330 1,146,200 2,086,620
    Options to R E Hunwick

    4 Approval of Issue of 7,724,884 64,330 3,000,000 2,086,620
    Options to M G Hills

    5 Approval of Issue of 10,724,884 64,330 Nil 2,086,620
    Options to M A Simari

    R Hunwick

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Currently unlisted public company.

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