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    Hi all,

    DJPIN (Dow Jones PIN) welcomes all new players here is a rundown of the rules


    DJPIN is a game where you either guess or use analysis to pick the close of the DJIA
    Giving a reason for your target is applauded but not compulsory
    All Official bids have to be in by 01:01 AM AEDST time precisely (ASX time!)
    Decimal places to two positions ARE allowed
    No range targets allowed eg: 50 to 55

    Please type your bid clearly as a plus figure, minus figure, Green, red etc or it will NOT count (unless it's a zero guess!)

    Do not change your bid during night
    Copycat bids ARE allowed
    Please use correct dated thread in Other Markets DJPIN forum
    At the end of each month the STATS are revealed showing consistent players

    FIRST 5 points (6 if an ACE is scored)
    SECOND 4 points
    THIRD 3 points
    FOURTH 2 points
    FIFTH 1 point

    ACE (6 points) awarded for half a point each side of PIN eg if the DJIA finishes at 78.53 player would score an ACE if they picked between 78.03 and 79.03

    HC Guidelines require any pictures that are posted to be a maximum of 30 KB and must not be deemed offensive or inappropriate for a share market forum.

    First picture sets the theme. (Preferably brought round to being stock market related in some way!)
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