dji and the vix-index

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    Interesting read on DJI, some of the more interesting quotes below;

    "According to TrimTabs, for the week ended April 16 net inflows into equity funds jumped by $6.7 billion. AMG Data estimates that inflows were a little weaker, at $5.7 billion. These inflows, which are the strongest of the last 12-months, are one of the main reasons why the markets have been able to mount a widespread rally on mediocre news"
    "1Q03 earnings are running at +9.7% (compared to 1Q02) while revenues are averaging +3.1%. These totals will likely change before the current earnings season is over. Nevertheless, and ignoring the fact that cost cutting (layoffs) is largely responsible for the EPS spike, these manipulated numbers are not that bad"
    "Yesterday the NYSE confirmed this speculation when it reported that short interest actually increased by roughly 60 million shares for the month ended April 15 (reflecting transactions through April 10)."
    "weekly jobless claims have failed to suggest that the employment situation is improving, and this weeks Leading Indicators (for March) was an entirely negative report. Nevertheless, and remembering that shorts did not anticipate the current bear bounce and may just now be being squeezed, the current rally, like many before, is based on momentum and capital (in)flows."

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