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dividend staggered, page-18

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    yep you are right about that....reads like each redemption request taking up to 180 days rather than fund closing/reopening as I thought...anyway too hard for me and the iron ore stocks are moving again.

    The FMF has historically paid redemptions within two business days of a valid
    redemption request, although the Product Disclosure Statement and the Constitution
    of the FMF allows up to 180 days to pay redemptions.
    Following a substantial increase in redemptions the FMF has deferred payment of
    redemptions for up to 180 days to ensure the value of the assets in the FMF are
    preserved. All distributions will continue to be paid to investors during the deferred
    redemption period.
    The Directors believe it is in the best interests of all investors to preserve the value of
    the FMF assets by completing projects in the ordinary course of business.
    The FMF will not take investments from retail investors during this time.
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