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    I guess the recent fall of GTP may not relate to the dividend reinvestment plan at all, but is mainly due to:

    1) Harold-Sun newspaper recently published a list of top-10 most recommended plantation investment schemes by a independent organization. GNS's was the No 1, and TIM has 3 schemes in the top 7, but GTP has none.

    2) The recent Personal Investment magazine revealed that the establishment cost of GTP's scheme is about twice of that of GNS.

    3) The Comsec and TD Waterhouse websites have dramatically downgraded GPT's e/s pridiction in recent weeks. (They also lowered that of TIM to a less extent).

    So one would guess that the business of GTP is not going too well.

    By the way, WBC recently became a substantial share holder of TIM with 15% holdings.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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