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dividend bets

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    Well the quarterly figures are out which must give some good clues to what the end of year finacial results will involve.

    We have been told that the dividend will be announced the same day as the release of the Annual Result = August 26th.

    Now what are the bets on the level of dividend ?

    While it might be expected that NZOG would maintain the basic dividend set last year of 5 cents per share could it be that they will reward shareholders with something better

    Who expects less than 5 cents per share ?

    Who expects exactly 5 cents per share ?

    Who expects more than 5 cents per share ?

    (Now remember that "expects" is not the same thing as "likes" or "desires")

    If below 5 cents indicte how much below
    If above 5 cents indicate how much above.

    Okay I will start the ball rolling and will indicate a dividend of 7.5 cents a share.
    What do you think ???????????????????????????
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