Diversified Resources - Next sector pick?

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    Anyone following these stocks as a group?

    All diversified resources,.. and all strengthening!

    RIO bounces convincingly off a double bottom @~34.60.

    BHP bounces of a nice Fib. retracement dating back to late 2001.

    CAA breaking out of a lengthy bottom crawling period, convincingly breaking through $2.70 on strengthening fundamentals. Suggested to head to the mid $3!

    While nothing is certain, and it is not out of the woods yet due to fears of a delayed economic recovery, is the XDR index in its early stages of a bullish outlook.

    Maybe one to think about over the short term as it may prove to make people profits between now and the end of the year. If higher lows form, and better economic results come out over the coming months, could prove an early entry into the next rising sector?

    These are just fleeting thoughts. I neither am long or short at present, but would like pros and cons!
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