Disregard this at your peril

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    In the early 90's EVERYONE was saying the market couldn't go up forever. Had you gone against the trend you would have LOST BIG TIME.


    What would a contrarian investor have done ???

    Followed the trend or followed the absolute opinion as to the direction of the market ??????????

    Remember the early 90's were not that long ago ......... but you needed to be there and to be fully invested to understand what was happening.

    And to the contrary, those who were there, will give you an opinion as to the outcome of current events, based on how THEY fared some 10 to 12 years ago.

    Fair enough ?

    And worth considering, in '87, the end of the financial system as we know it was reported to have been only a couple of hours of trading away .............

    I would really appreciate opinions, if anyone reads my dribble.
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