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disillusion consolation and a rest of hope

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    Heavy loss with CVI - very disappointed - like many disillusioned shareholders - what can be done? Waiting for better times? The world is waiting for the sunrise but CVI is covered with thick clouds, I hope rays of light can find the way out of this spec disaster.

    Can this all be explained with the world financial crisis? I think CVI is something special, too much delays, promises, too many placements, players and manipulation and the company with an attitude of ignoring shareholder value - could be continued but where is an end where the bottom. Many questions.

    I found some consolation to look at the chart of
    iShares MSCI World fund which had a loss of 45 % within a year. In this fund there are good and solid companies but also this fund came down....

    I am still holding and see no point of selling at this low level and still have hope of a recovery.
    I had no more contact with MS as there was no time to meet him in Melbourne but I had a great time in Australia and New Zealand.
    I really wonder where the CVI journey is going. There must come some really good news to change the desolate situation.
    We can change it, yes we can....

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