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    Shorting only serves the big banks who have the financial clout to buy AND sell big. They control the market... they ARE the market and the little guys however big they think they are will be suckers to these guys until they learn how it's all done. That takes time and study. As for the "rationalisation" that shorting adds to liquidity... well who does that benefit? Clearly themselves. If you "buy and hold" you don't really care about liquidity but you may get a case of the "fast runs" if you the SP plummet and are in any way unsure as to why it is happening. That's their game, that's what they want and so they clean up. What ought to be the aim of ASIC is to establish "stability" brought on by trust so as to attract the little guy and thus share in wealth around society but hey, the ASX wants the turnover supplied by the big guys, the government wants the taxes supplied by the turnover of the big guys and frankly the little guy just don't feature... this is about "money for nothing". I mean are these parasites really adding real wealth? I support the demo against Wall street but hey... ain't greed good?

    We don't need no speculation,
    We don't need no bourse control,
    No funding Chasm in the boardroom,
    Hey Dealers... leave those quids alone,
    All in all its just another prick in the Wall....street!!!
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