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    LYC is being driven into the dust as I tytpe this, by shorting through the use of bots. The price has gone from being up to 1.35 just after the open, to being 1.25 now, on no news at all.

    Morgan Stanley are still lending shares in OUR company to numerous hedge funds so they can short the price down, then MS has been buying up at lower prices on behalf of Mitsubishi Financial who are steadily increasing their holding. This is all shown in the Change in Substantial Holding notice that MS has to lodge every couple of weeks, the last one being a week or so ago. You have to wade through a lot of pages before you see all the shares they have been lending out.

    However, MS still hold over 5% of the company - which is why they have to lodge those notices. One can't help wondering who else is up to the same manoeuvres but who holds just UNDER the 5% that would require them to disclose the shenanigans.

    This is pure manipulation, unadulterated price fixing. And where are ASIC and what are they doing about it? Hah...! Useless bunch.

    Unfortunately, what Morgan Stanley and others are doing is legal, even though it may be morally wrong. Shorting, bots, and HFT should all be banned IMHO. Their standard response that they "add liquidity to the market" is just so much BS.

    LYC and PDN seem to be played in tandem - the same patterns of trades and shorting haappens to both at about the same time - you could almost overlay one daily chart over the other today again.


    What level playing field was that again???

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