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disgraceful rampers shame shame shame

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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    ERG is a stock under pressure and the market has just seen this stock take a slide.

    So we now have a situation where the true believers have continued to criticise others who have dealt with the reality of the situation.

    When will you wake up and smell the coffee.

    The CEO has just proven his worth...he engaged the market and he entered into an arbitrage transaction that has increased his net worth on top of his ridiculous salary.

    Just refer to the recent stock exchange this just pure coincidence. Please come onto this forum and try and defend the CEO...please...I am ready...willing and able to debate this matter to the end.....

    If you are that brave then please expect the worse...the informer has a few more home truths that can be revealed.

    Research is an amazing thing...

    You had been ignored the reality...

    Have we seen any of the true believers admit that they missed the point.

    Once again they have remained faithfully while many shareholders are calling for blood.

    The CEO of ERG needs to be held to account, I presume the true believers will turn a cheek and deal with the invasion of their personal space.

    You know who you are...SHAME SHAME SHAME.....

    I am the INFORMER....there can only be one

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