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Blythefan…. I am definitely not putting you on ignore. I...

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    Blythefan…. I am definitely not putting you on ignore. I sincerely appreciate where you are coming from and commend you for your tenacity, However, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming harder to see for all the dust that’s being churned up. You, me and management, are clouding my view. We need to let the dust settle and let things unfold.

    Call it “sticking my head in the sand” if you may… me, I prefer to call it “sticking my rose-coloured glasses on”. Its too late to be changing my holding now based on anyone’s sentiment. If we were to go back through our posts of late last year, you would know that we should have been listening to ourselves then and acting upon it then when the SP was double what it is now.

    We are literally only scratching the surface in our efforts to uncover the truth, digging up the dirt, holding our noses for the deep aroma of stench… but we are where we are… the big risk end of town AND we are approaching a pivotal juncture. However, the most important fact is that we do have a resource and as one doctor keeps saying: “Time will tell” and another “Patience is required”

    Everything that we are learning and uncovering can only but make us wiser. Hopefully, the lessons are being learnt on both sides of the camp. There is no changing the past. I am loaded up to the hilt with shares, as are many other retail investors and as our plenty in management. We are very much in this together. A strangely symbiotic relationship. One that I hope proves to be of a mutualistic nature, not parasitic nature.

    Can’t change the past… only learn from it. No offence intended, BF, but your posts (for me) have to have no relevance at this point in time other than to educate us of past mistakes. It does not mean I refute them or intend ignoring them. I believe that your posts would have had far more constructive relevance and sobering effect for holders during the middle of last year to counter the Fouad hype on HC and management’s hype in the market.

    “Too late she cried”… how profoundly symbolic.

    It's amazing what shift in nuance the “Discussion with Management” conversation has taken indeed. IF my clouded and ever-changing thinking pattern is anything to go by… iF what is going on in the background is anything to go by… AND IF the mind games are anything to go by… I think we should give the thread a new title: “Fifty Shades of Grey” !!!
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