Disconnect and dissonance

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    Labor has an emerging problem of credibility. Some examples:

    (1) The traditional Labor heartland of Aussie working families is morphing, but labor is not ... many working families are more affluent now than Labor seeks to represent and that will reflect with electorate dissonance.

    (2) Dastyari is mocking the housing and lifestyle of house proud Aussie working families with his latest in a series of "social conscience" social media bloopers.

    (3) Labor's view of Aussie working families is pure as driven snow going by the TV ad aired over the weekend, not a multicultural face to be seen anywhere. Labor talk multiculturalism but walk white Australia ... that's more electoral dissonance.

    (4) Deep in the gut of Aussie working families instinct is that reasonably explained cuts in government services are necessary and there would be quiet dissonance with Labor's promises of big unfunded welfare increases.

    (5) Notice today that Albanese opened his campaign for Labor Party leadership by none too subtley criticising Labor Seniors (read Shorten) for that White Australia TV ad.

    (6) Notice over the past few days Labor being wedged by the Greens and now Derryn Hinch supporting the Government's proposed education funding reset

    There are plenty more Labor disconnects, but that can do for starters.

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