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    Hi BWN-watchers,

    As Bowen Energy's PR manager, I regular review the comments posted on BWN and have occasionally posted comments to keep shareholders informed and ensure that readers aren't being deliberately misled by people who have a vested interest in peddling misinformation.

    There are strong suspicions that a number of recent posts made on the BWN forum have been made by a person or people trying to spread misinformation in an attempt to undermine investor confidence in BWN, without disclosing their own significant vested interests.

    This is not only a breach of the Hot Copper Disclosure Guidelines but also, and more seriously, of ASIC Disclosure regulations.

    We have referred the "suspicious" comments to the Hot Copper moderators,and will refer them to ASIC for further investigation.

    I encourage all readers to consider the source of any information regarding BWN posted by relatively new posters, and as always, invite you to do your own research.


    Tony Dawe

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