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disappointment for traders

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    The results for CER are going to be a strong indicator of what CNP will report on Friday. Many traders have foolishly disregarded my comments & a few others about the possibility of writedowns & how the press will report these results. Well the time is nearly here & given market's reaction to GPT & WDC reports would be surprised if CNP wasn't dealt another hit in the next few days.
    Macquarie's changes on margin lending also could cause problems to CNP.
    For several days most HC posters have been going on about the shorters & how they will have to cover their situation. I don't believe this line given Comsec has been a dominant player in the stock, more likely traders buying up in anticipation of a favourable result only to be disappointed.
    CER seemed to go against the trend on CNP, interesting with CER reporting first. Where was the buying in CER today?
    Will review CNP a few days after results.
    I know the rampers of this stock will fire back but in the short term believe this stock is capable of a considerable fall.
    PS No investment advice given please do your own research on this stock
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