PPD pan palladium ltd

disappointing but hopefull

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    their 2 projects if u can call them that are great combined 9.4m oz of PGM.

    both this not even in feasibility study.

    what the hell have PPD been doing for the last 5yrs??

    wasting shareholder money???

    IF and i mean IF they ever get these 2 projects into production which could be 5yrs+ away if ever.

    and platinum is still $1500++ than PPD COULD be the next PALADIN.
    I mean stock chart wise. we all know how paladin was 5-10c for years and it went to $10.

    PPD MIGHT do the same, if it ever gets past pre feasibility.

    Im acumulating but by the time i get rich i might be in a bloody nursing home to ever enjoy the $$$$..
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