dirty swindling for zionist likud party

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    The Lansky-Dalitz Legacy
    The most important Likud sources are associates of Michael Milken's multi-billion dollar scams of the 1980s and early 1990s, and of mob bosses Meyer Lansky's and Moe Dalitz's Las Vegas:

    Jay Zises: (pronounced "zee-sees"), a Likud funder with his wife Nancy. As of 2000, Jay was President of "Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces in the United States."

    Jay Zises and his brother Selig founded Integrated Resources, a hyper-leveraged tax shelter. The Zises debt pyramid blew out in 1989, defaulting on $955 million. The scheme was financed by Drexel Burnham Lambert's junk-bond kingpin Michael Milken and his family, and by those backing Milken, including Zises' former boss Saul Steinberg, and executives of Carl Lindner's dope-running United Fruit/Chiquita Banana. A Federal judge ruling on a lawsuit against Integrated said, "This case arises from the ashes of what is regarded by some as the most spectacular scam of the 1980s."

    Milken and others were jailed, but the Zises brothers escaped with a fortune, bought out by Milken's cousin Stanley Zax shortly before Milken was indicted and Integrated collapsed.

    Jay Zises created the Roundtable Political Action Committee, a U.S. election campaign-financing arm of the Milken clique, operating from Integrated's New York office. His brother Seymour Zises was president of the coordinating "National PAC," which operated from Washington. Run in tandem with AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee), these are the PACs which established, in America, the pattern of dirty-money election financing which rules Israel today.

    Contributors to Jay Zises' Roundtable included members of the Meshulam Riklis family. Riklis, a mobster go-between for dope-runner Robert Vesco, Vesco's lawyer Kenneth Bialkin, and the Milken group, was Ariel Sharon's personal financial angel. Riklis donated the ranch where Sharon lives today, and where Sharon, Henry Kissinger, Riklis, Bialkin and others planned the West Bank settlement land-scam and rightist offensive.

    Other Roundtable contributors included convicted Wall Street swindler Ivan Boesky; Saul Steinberg's family; the Milstein family, partners in United Fruit; and the family of Laurence Tisch (of Loews Corp. and Lindner's United Fruit apparatus).

    Marc Belzberg: Canadian funder of the Likud/West Bank settlers covert nexus. Marc's father and partner, the notorious predator Sam Belzberg, was part of the inner core of the Drexel/Michael Milken junk bond operation, and a sponsor of corporate raider T. Boone Pickens. The Belzbergs bought up large blocks of stocks, and took "greenmail" from companies wanting to avoid their hostile takeovers. Marc Belzberg and his family holding company First City Financial were sued by the SEC in 1986 and forced to disgorge $2.7 million in profits, for "stock parking" with banker Bear Stearns in a takeover-scam against Ashland Oil.

    The Belzbergs were partners in Zises' Integrated Resources, and arbitrage partners of Roundtable PAC co-founder James Tisch, son of Lawrence Tisch.

    Marc Belzberg is a director of the Jerusalem Post, the right-wing daily controlled by the Anglo-Canadian rightist Hollinger Corp. of Canadian-born British Lord Conrad Black.

    Belzberg is a major backer of Ateret Cohanim, the Sharon-linked Jerusalem yeshiva which is purporting to train the first "priesthood" for the Third Temple, which they plan to build on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, the site of two of the holiest sites in Islam. Belzberg was personally involved in the scheme to open up tunnels under the Temple Mount, with the aim of causing religious warfare over the intended destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque on the Mount.

    Ira Rennert: a heavy donor to Likud political campaigns. A partner in the giant Milken/Zises Integrated Resources scam, Rennert parlayed his loot into his current Renco Group conglomerate in Rockefeller Center, New York; his net worth is about $500 million. Since the collapse of Integrated, Rennert has siphoned off funds from numerous businesses.

    Besides right-wing Israeli policies, Rennert's loot has paid for a Long Island home with 29 bathrooms and a 100-car garage. Benjamin Netanyahu is often a guest at Rennert's house in Jerusalem.

    Ira Rennert and his wife Ingeborg finance the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. As Prime Minister, Netanyahu gave this New York-based group of fanatics physical control over the tunnel entrance to the complexes underneath the Temple Mount, putting Rennert's foundation in charge of screening and admitting visitors.

    Marvin Josephson: Likud sponsor and longtime owner of the Hollywood and literary agency ICM (International Creative Management). Josephson has been chairman of "Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces." He was chairman of the National PAC, under its founding president Seymour Zises.

    Josephson is a cousin to Murray Wilson, a Lansky Syndicate money-launderer and soldier for the Genovese crime family, who linked up the Russian Mafia with the Marc Rich apparatus in New York.

    Marvin Josephson has a few personal clients, including Henry Kissinger. He was the agent for Kissinger's recent book, Does America Need A Foreign Policy?

    Henry Kravis: sponsor of the right wing in Israel and U.S. Republican Party. Kravis's ties to the Bush family, apprenticeship at Bear Stearns (Caribbean banker for Meyer Lansky, and the casinos), and multi-billion schemes with Milken, have ballooned into Kohlberg Kravis Roberts' total investment assets of over $85 billion.

    KKR used leveraged buyouts, forcing debt on the takeover target, selling worthless bonds to state pension funds, insurance companies, banks and $20 billion to Milken's Drexel Burnham. It was the very model for the bankrupting of the U.S. economy over the past quarter century. Kravis's $25 billion takeover of RJR Nabisco (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco) was the subject of the bestselling book and movie, Barbarians at the Gate. The echoes of that gangsterism are still heard: In December 2002, the European Union charged RJR Nabisco with money laundering in a suit filed in U.S. Federal Court. The E.U. complaint says the firm has "engaged in and facilitated organized crime by laundering the proceeds of narcotics trafficking and other crimes.... Defendants have laundered the illegal proceeds of members of Italian, Russian, and Colombian organized crime through financial institutions in New York City, including The Bank of New York, Citibank, N.A., and Chase Manhattan Bank."

    Steven Wynn: tough-guy casino owner and Likud backer. Steve Wynn started in Las Vegas in 1967, with a small interest in the Frontier Hotel casino, then controlled by the Detroit mob. He later took control of the Golden Nugget. In 1980, with financial backing from Drexel Burnham Lambert, Wynn built the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City, where Meyer Lansky's Resorts International had opened the first casino in 1978. Wynn sold the Atlantic City casino and took more from Milken's Drexel to build the massive Mirage in Las Vegas, which opened in 1989. Drexel also funded other casinos, pumping billions of hot dollars into Vegas as part of Dope, Inc.'s transformation of its money laundering center from a city run by the old-style Mob, into a resort center with the organized crime activities hidden behind slick corporate fronts. Wynn is a personal friend of Milken, his neighbor in Lake Tahoe.

    The mid-1990s book, Running Scared: The Life and Treacherous Times of Las Vegas Casino King Steve Wynn, by the famous Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter John L. Smith, alleged that Wynn was a front for the New York Genovese organized crime family. Wynn sued the publisher for libel and won. Wynn is deeply feared in Las Vegas.

    A biography of Steve Wynn on the Milken Institute website says "Wynn is widely credited with transforming Las Vegas into a world-renowned resort destination"; and he is on the the Advisory Board (chaired by Paul Volcker) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, and a member of the board of the George Bush Presidential Library.

    Mervyn Adelson: of Hollywood, Vegas and Tel Aviv, an investment partner of Dalitz and top donor and friend to Netanyahu. The former husband of TV journalist Barbara Walters and former chairman of Lorimar-Telepictures, Adelson is an investment manager in Los Angeles.

    Cleveland mobster Moe Dalitz, who opened up Las Vegas with Lansky, teamed up with Mervyn Adelson to create the Rancho La Costa resort in California. Adelson and Dalitz spent a decade suing Penthouse magazine over an article claiming that this Adelson investment had become the favored hangout for American gangsters, where murders were planned in luxury and confidence. Jimmy "The Weasel" Frattiano testified that he met there to plan the murder of Desi Arnaz. The suit was dropped after Penthouse apologized to Adelson, but not to Dalitz.

    Merv Adelson's former attorney, Yaakov Ne'eman, became Israel's Finance Minister under Prime Minister Netanyahu, and is one of Netanyahu's closest advisors on law, donations and investment subjects. As the scandal over Likud gangsterism has broken wide open, the governor of the Bank of Israel (central bank) has criticized Sharon's policies; Sharon has responded by threatening to make Adelson's man, Ne'eman, the Bank's governor instead.

    Sheldon Adelson: casino mogul, one of four foreigners named by the Jerusalem Post as contributing over $100,000 to the Likud's 1996 election campaign (the other three were Ronald Lauder, Joseph Gutnick, and Irving Moscowitz). Sheldon and Mervyn Adelson are not related.

    Sheldon Adelson bought out the Las Vegas Sands Hotel, pioneered by Lansky, Moe Dalitz and Bugsy Siegel. Adelson developed the massive Venetian Hotel/casino, its themes carefully modeled on the historical center of oligarchy, tyranny and corruption, Venice. He has fought a long, bitter battle against the workers and labor unions in Las Vegas, and is a central player in the casino domination of politics—ownership of politicians—in Nevada.

    Sheldon Adelson has poured huge sums into Israeli politics. He has sought approval to build casinos in Israel itself—as did Meyer Lanksy—but has so far not succeeded. Adelson finances the Lubavitcher cult, which operates a right-wing political and dirty-money empire from Russia to New York's diamond district, to Israel. The Lubvitchers, who agitated against the Oslo peace accords, are emerging as the dominant force in the Jewish community in Las Vegas—despite mainstream Jewish revulsion at their tactics and politics.

    Last year Adelson was granted one of three gambling licenses (Steve Wynn also got one) in Macao, China, the former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong. Adelson says what Macao needs is a Vegas-style Strip, which he envisions building.
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