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    I am sorry Domenic but as a shareholder I want some answers because once again the silence is deafening.

    So lets have a discussion on the current market cap  of CM8 the performance over the past 12 months and IMO the excessively high salary packages of the Directors and Key Personel based on the performance and the LOSS of shareholders wealth due to the poor performance.

    Obviously once again silence from the company either means there is no good news to report or we are going to have a massive update.

    But lets first talk about how the company is still paying very high fees and salaries when the share price has tanked from 24c down to 3.8c.

    Who believes these salaries and fees should be cut substantially and directors and key personnel put on incentive based packages that reflect the overall performance of the company and the THE MOST important thing to SHAREHOLDERS yes the share price?

    What are comparative companies paying?

    I would love to hear others views on this and even views from the Directors and Key Personnel.

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