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    I note Mr Trevor Gillard was appointed in May 2006. two months later there was an 'initial director's interest' announcement disclosing that Mr Gillard had no interest in the company (take that any way you want).

    I note Mr Craig Willis was appointed in 2003 and so was a Mr Andrew Waller.

    This is the statement about Mr Waller on his appointment, which I am reading in a new light now: "The company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew Waller as a director of the company. Mr Waller has extensive public company experience, particularly in the area of capital raisings and business development."

    I can find no announcement relating to initial directors interests of both Mr Willis and Mr Waller. Maybe they are buried within some other report? Is that legal if they are?

    Can anyone help me with these questions?

    1) Must a director have an interest in the company?
    2) Within what period of time does the company have to disclose initial directors interest?
    3) Why have not both Mr Willis and Mr Waller disclosed their initial director's interests? If they have, why has it not been announced separately?

    Further questions for the AGM?

    I would like to be corrected here if I am barking up the wrong tree; please don't hesitate....
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