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directors buying too now

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    Interest in this company is starting to brew.
    Lets hope predictions of $1.50 -$2 are accurate.
    This just out.

    Name of Director Gavin Rezos

    Part 1 - Change of director's relevant interests in securities

    Indirect interest

    Nature of indirect interest
    (including registered holder) (1) Aymon Pacific Pty Ltd
    atf Jerezos Discretionary Trust
    (2) Joanne Rezos (spouse)

    Date of change 07/05/2003

    No. of securities held prior
    to change 100,000 ordinary shares (1)
    400,000 Unlisted $1.22 Options(2)
    25,000 Listed $1.00 Options(1)

    Class Ordinary shares (1)
    Listed Options (1)

    Number Acquired 30,000 Ordinary shares
    30,000 Listed Options
    exercisable at $1.00

    Number disposed -

    Value/consideration $23,700.00 - Ordinary
    $5,550.00 - Listed Options
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