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directors buy big

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    EMM is a company in transition.
    Since the early nineties EMM has stayed alive thru watching costs, both in manufacture and promotion, while they perfected their Electro Winning Cells.

    Their efforts are about to be rewarded. In the year just finished, the company will post it's maiden profit after completing impressive sales.

    It gets better. DeNora, a large international company producing some the best anodes in the world has joined EMM, taking 20% of the company in a beautifully constructed deal where DeNora bought big on the proviso existing shareholders fully supported a 1 for 4 share offer so that EMM would have a tidy kitty for expansion under the DeNora's guidance. The deal was further sweeten by DeNora offering to market EMM's products thru their world-wide agencies, and an offer of DeNora's R + D facilities.

    A quick perusal of ASX annoucements will illuminate this. The announcements will also show further large contracts about to be offered.

    Share price is still low, but sellers are disappearing now that the share placement has been completed.
    I bought in sub $0.09, which was the placement share price.
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