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director may miss out on incentive shares

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    Hi all,well I need not worry about pushing that BTV 'Lot' to invest here anymore because the recent Funding Deal out of the U.S.A. has fixed that up, however the way the Share price has performed on the back of a number of good News items here indicates that the C.E.O. here, Mr. Bruce Morrin may well miss out on his 30 th of June 2010, 5.0 Cent Director Incentive RCP Shares.
    I imagine there are many other RCP Shareholders who are depressed like myself about the RCP Share Price and it looks Time to start hitting the 'phone to the Company and not accepting that 'old Cheastnut', -- 'oh that's the Market'.
    After all the RCP good news lately, an RCP Presentation to 'Brokers etc. is needed to stop all the 'Bad Blood, which has been flowing', about this Company because of the connection of to the Company to just One Non-Executive Director,who's efforts and 'rescue mission' here I greatly appreciate, however now with the professional and expanded RCP Board it may well be time for him to move aside for the benefit of all, Shareholders here including Himself and the C.E.O. here.

    No responsibility taken for any losses in association with this Posting.


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