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    warren = gominer
    i find this very funny as i know for a fact junior does not talk to you
    except to catch you out on the occasional lie . wether itbe on hotcopper or on the other live chat chanels

    all you are trying to do is down ramp lumacom as per usual
    now i know for a fact you were yourself very bullish on lumacom , you stated this in open forum , i can only agree , with junior . allan partridge and others on hotcopper . let alone what others also think on the other live chanel
    that you are a very deceitful and spiteful person
    ( now i really have learnt the meaning of a women scorned )
    as you stated in open forum that you would attack any stock that i or junior owned , that you would try and discredit and destroy us !!!!
    now you said all this on a live chat chanel with witnesses not a forum like hotcopper
    of this there are records
    and many other things you have belligerently stated

    i seriously suggest that your family of drs prescribe you a better medication

    regards gaga
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