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director knows lots

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    Red hot tip but may take a week to kick off big.
    Results out 28th Aug then investor presentation 29th Aug then pow up she goes.

    Chairman Director purchased 3 million shares 14 Aug at 16.5. This stock is good value now under 20c.

    About IBA Health
    IBA Health Limited (www.ibatech.com) is an Australian listed company providing innovative solutions to the healthcare sector, both domestically & internationally. IBA Health is at the forefront of information systems that contribute to the creation of the Electronic Health Record & provides its systems to public & private hospitals as well as community & primary care organisations worldwide. Established in Australia in 1982, the Health Solutions Division has over 250 Acute healthcare customers worldwide, ncluding leading public hospital groups in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom & the Australian Defence Force where we are providing a secure electronic Health Record across the Defence network.

    As an e- health pioneer, IBA Health is a technology leader in the provision of solutions for the electronic communication of healthcare information, which aims to revolutionise the delivery of patient care. IBA Health provides a range of software applications to support the information needs of healthcare institutions, including systems for administration, the management of clinical procedures, decision support, accounting & finance. The company is already delivering products that will form part of the e-health model, such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) functionality, specialist messaging, online remote access, order communication systems, electronic billing & the seamless linking of multi-site health providers on an online, real-time basis.
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