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director buying!!! time to buy??

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    Have followed this one for sometime and watched it fall to what I now consider a way undervalued price.
    Looks as though the CEO/Director and Chairman of the company feels the same way.
    Has been a real disappointment however after a recent placement which was completed above market price (how rare is that)and the Chairman now buying (very small purchase admitably) it looks as though some interest may finally return.
    With a market cap of approx $2.7mill and expected revenues this calander year of $4 -$5mill with $15-$20million revs expected in calander year three they must surely be cheap.
    Biggest problem has been lack of cash as projected sales have taken much much longer then expected however it seems the company is still confident of achieving these contracts judging by the latest update.
    I do own some of these so am probably biased however at 4c they look like a good speculative punt to me.
    Anybody else feel the sameway.
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