VCR ventracor limited

director buy 100k in the market

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    Elizabeth A Nosworthy is a director of VCR and she is a smart business person.
    It should be a good sign of things to come when she takes her holding in VCR from 10,000 shares to 110,000.
    The last 100k bought in the market at current levels ~$1.02.

    VCR worth watching.
    VCR is a one product company so some risk involved here. It could go into free fall if the human trials of Artificial Heart are not a success..
    On the other hand we could see great returns if all goes well at The Alfred Hospital.

    Please read all the red stuff further down.

    Company Announcement
    Change of Director`s Interest Notice
    HOMEX - Brisbane

    Name of Company Ventracor Limited

    ABN 46 003 180 372

    We (the entity) give the ASX the following information under listing
    rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section
    205G of the Corporations Act.

    Name of Director Elizabeth A Nosworthy

    Date of last notice 16/07/2002

    Part 1 - Change of director's relevant interests in securities

    Direct or indirect interest Direct

    Nature of indirect interest
    (including registered holder) -

    Date of change 18/03/2003

    No. of securities held prior
    to change 10,000 ordinary shares

    Class Ordinary

    Number Acquired 100,000 ordinary shares

    Number disposed -

    Value/consideration $102,214.96

    No. of securities held after
    change 110,000 ordinary shares

    Nature of change Acquired on-market trade

    Part 2 - Change of director's relevant interests in contracts

    Detail of contract -

    Nature of direct interest -

    Name of registered holder
    (if issued securities) -

    Date of change -

    No. and class of securities to which
    interest related prior to change -

    Interest Acquired -

    Interest disposed -

    Value/consideration -

    Interest after change -

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