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    Other benefits afforded to Diplomat drivers:

    Diplomatic missions may use the loading zone that is situated to the left of the Carpark Management Building on the main entry road to the airport terminal. This is subject to strict observance of the following conditions:
    Missions must request permission from the Parking Office of Canberra Airport (telephone/facsimile 6230 5336) before they avail themselves of this facility.
    The loading zone will only be available for DC vehicles that are waiting for special VIP visitors. This zone is not/not available for routine meeting and greeting.
    Drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times.
    Drivers must move their vehicles to make way for delivery vehicles, which will have priority access to the loading zone.
    Diplomatic vehicles should avoid parking in the loading zone for long periods. They should not remain in the loading zone for longer than 30 minutes at a time without seeking, in cases of real need, the approval of the Parking Office.

    P.S. As a result of these laws I have had 4 Australian Flags affixed to my car, the Royal Coat of Arms put on my numberplate, a blowup doll of Johnnie Howard in the back seat, and wear an official Governor General uniform at all times.
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