**diplomatic immunity and drink driving***

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    I think it absurd that diplomatic immunity should be afforded any recognition at all when it comes to drink driving as it is an affront to the law and our safety, and puts others in danger.

    Please take note of the benefits afforded to diplomats who refuse the screening test. What a joke our system is!! Thank god I'm a Sheik...lol: Diplomatic registration plates and diplomatic officers
    A police officer may request the driver of a motor vehicle bearing diplomatic registration plates to submit to a breath screening test. Drivers who can provide appropriate diplomatic identity may either accede to or refuse the police request. The Department asks that any person who enjoys diplomatic immunity cooperate, in the interests of public safety, if asked to submit to a screening test. This will not only protect the driver and any potential victim but will provide proof of the facts should any subsequent suggestion be made that the person was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Refusal to comply with a request to submit to a breath test in these circumstances may be taken into account by the Department in deciding whether to take further action.

    Where the driver is able to establish appropriate diplomatic identity but refuses to undergo a screening test, the police authorities have no obligation to allow the driver to continue to drive if, in their judgement, his or her continued driving poses a danger to the public. In the interests of the public and the driver's safety, the police authorities may assist by making arrangements for the driver to get to his or her destination. This may include requesting that a passenger, or a member of the driver's family, or a member of the relevant mission or post, drive the vehicle and escort the driver to his or her destination.

    If the driver is unable to prove diplomatic status, the police request to submit to a screening test cannot be refused and the police authorities may have no choice but to proceed with this test. If this test shows a reading above the legal limit, the police may escort the driver to the local police station. They will then arrange for the relevant authorities (the Department, the mission or post) to be contacted to seek to establish status.

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