diplomany or a head-job????

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    This is the best Germany can offer - other than bio-lab sakes, that it!!!

    Miss Germany lands in Baghdad hoping to meet Saddam for peace

    BAGHDAD (AFP) - Miss Germany, Alexandra Vodjanikova, landed in the Iraqi capital hoping to meet President Saddam Hussein on a mission to help avert a US-led war.

    "I want to meet Saddam Hussein about peace," the 19-year-old blonde beauty told reporters at Saddam International Airport after flying in from Amman.

    Vodjanikova said she also wanted to visit patients at hospitals and charity organisations during her week-long stay in Iraq, according to an AFP photographer.

    Although shunned by most of the world's leaders, Saddam was Vodjanikova's choice when asked which head of state she would most like to meet after winning her title in January.

    Her manager has said she hopes to help persuade the Iraqi leader to cooperate fully with UN weapons inspectors.

    Vodjanikova, an economics student from Munich in southern Germany, was chosen from 18 regional winners to represent her country in the Miss Universe finals next May.

    With US-led forces massed in the Gulf, Iraq is under acute pressure to cooperate with UN inspectors sent to assess whether it has disposed of the weapons of mass destruction which Washington accuses it of developing.

    Germany has refused to take part in any military action against Iraq and said it would not vote for a resolution authorising the use of force at the Security Council, whose chair it holds for the month of February.

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