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dioro to fall - short term

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    The application for the Frogs Leg project's NOI has been knocked back by DMPR and EPA on the basis of the difficulties of the water management process submitted by management company MRA.
    A court case between MRA and the DMPR has now been initiated which will take up to 4 months to settle. There is no certainty of the success either.
    The reason given for the rejection was that the Govt departments involved did not think that the MRA people could manage the water and had no faith in the plans submitted, which infers a lack of trust in the management team. With good casue, these people stuffed the White Foil project and intend to dump the water into the White Foil Pit as well as a borefield.
    These people have no idea because they are French Uranium miners (Cogema)
    Sorry for those who hold and paid premium prices but I predict a drop or at least 4 months at current level.
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