Dioro & Macmin

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    Dioro (DIO) is written up in the "Money Manager" lift out segment of today's Melbourne Age, under the blood stirring header - "Wildcard", with a "BUY" recomendation. References are made to the Frog's Leg project and to a possible takeover by SBM, which is already a substantial shareholder.
    I mentioned previously that DIO had presented very positively at the Melbourne Gold Conference I attended a month or so ago.
    These are indeed exciting times, if this end of the market is your playground!!
    As the old saying goes, "every dog has it's day" and this one, plus MMN & several others, which previously may have been regarded in that light by some, look like they may be about to reward the patient, "high risk-high return", penny dreadful speculator by bringing home the bacon.
    MMN are advancing their drilling at the Texas, Queensland project by doubling the number of rigs in the field to 2 next month and with the recent increases in the price of silver it's not hard to understand why the share price is already moving. Hartley Poynton recently conducted a placement which was oversubscribed.
    There's GOLD & SILVER in them there hills!!
    The meek may be destined to inherit the earth, but the speccie resource punter will reap the GOLD & SILVER rewards very soon.
    Even mega issue GTM are stirring again.
    Regards & good luck......I'm excited, having had a long term interest and my money in this segment of the market!!
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