Dioro Exploration - Technical Opinions

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    G'day all,

    Did anyone else notice large trades towards the end of the day?

    DIO finished at its' all time high of 13 cents, on volume of 4,095,588; its' highest since late April.

    DIO appears to be continuing its' uptrend since September 2001. It faltered mid February till the end of March, where consolidation occured.

    During April, DIO hit its' high of 13 cents on three separate trading days. Already in May, DIO has hit 13 cents on three separate trading days.

    The 13 cents resistence was nearly broen this afternoon.

    I'm no expert, but 12 cents seems to be acting as a lower support and 13 cents as resistence.

    If DIO breaks and holds 13 cents, it will then become a strong support level.

    Just flicking through their recent announcements, DIO plans to be producing before the end of this year, and is also involved in additional drilling currently.

    Any thoughts / opinions?
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