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    I would like to offer you some education here mate as you seem a little naive on the stock market and what gambling actually is.

    to gamble means to take risky action in the hope of a desired result.

    any one that places money on the stock market is attempting to make money, however it cant be guaranteed, so hence it is a gamble.

    most investments are a gamble, its just a calculated gamble that lowers the risk of loss... for example, you study a company, understand the basics (good management team, strong bank balance, good business prospectus, Revenue making or potential of soon revenue, current market sentiment, world markets etc etc), if all lines up you take a calculated gamble... however, say for example the business plan fails, then there is no chance of revenue and the company fails, well you lose money and the SP plummets.. so hence your gamble failed...

    The stock market is Risky man, every one knows that.

    It is usually long term holders that are the ones that are left upset or in tears, not professional traders... Professional traders know how to read charts, understand world economics, study the sector to which they are invested in, know how to separate technical analysis to that of fundamental analysis... it is usually these type of traders that know how to make money whether the market is going up or down... a professional trader will also short a stock to make money...

    from my experience day traders and short term traders that know what they are doing make more money constantly than a long term trader that doesn't put effort into understanding their investment or the current stock market sentiment...

    So you are wrong with your understanding..

    Another thing you need to understand is that day traders help such stocks like DCC, they help the SP consolidate to higher levels in which a stronger support level in the SP can be formed...

    the stock market is a massive gamble, even blue chip stocks are a gamble... look at the millions that FMG churn over every day... I remember in the GFC when I had over $300K invested many bluechip stocks fell hard and fast... massive fail for many... no matter what investment, it is a gamble as the person throwing the money at any potential investment is hoping to gain a return over their capital, its all gambling man..

    buying a house is a gamble if you plan to sell it.. look at what has happened to Sydney recently... if you bought a house to make money in Sydney 2 years ago you would be at a decent loss... so hence the gamble of the housing market to go up failed and retraced...

    Is DCC a gamble, of course it is, Im pretty sure 99% of holders here know it is a calculated gamble... its a high risk speculative gamble... this is a micro stock, one of the highest risk gambles in the market... hope this helps you...
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